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Tips On How To Store Your Stuff

Storing Your Belongings Correctly Is Important.

No matter what you are storing, all of your belongings are important to you, and we understand that. Whether you are storing a prized collection or your kid’s school projects or just all the extra stuff you have in your home, we give you several tips to keep them safe when using storage.

How To Store

Tip #1. Keep all your belongings that you will need often or quickly at the front of the storage unit.

Tip #2. While packing your storage unit, be sure to create a center aisle or a U shape aisle for easy access to all of your items.

Tip #3. Keep boxes off the concrete floor. It helps to use pallets or skids to allow air flower around and under them. At the very least, you may want to put plastic tubs down first and stack your boxes on top.

Tip #4. When storing furniture with legs or rails, remove them if you can. Then you can store the tabletops on end to save space. Furniture can also be stored up on end to maximize your space.

Tip #5. To protect old photos and documents that are important to you, you should place them flat between two pieces of cardboard or archival paper and tape together. Then stack them nicely inside a box or tote.

Tip #6. Small engines for things like lawnmowers and snow blowers must be drained of all liquids when placing into storage. Drain them at home before you bring them to your unit. This is often a regulation of the storage company, and you want to follow their rules.

Tip #7. Common sense and state law determines what may be stored. Therefore, never store firearms, illicit drugs or drug paraphernalia, live animals, perishables, liquids, explosives, flammable liquids and fuels, toxic materials or other items that need a controlled environment.

Tip #8. To keep long awkward things in order, like shovels, rakes and other yard tools, place them inside a trash can.

Tip #9. Cover all mattresses and furniture with plastic dust covers and stored flat or stood flat against a wall.

Tip #10. Treat wood surfaces before placing valuable furniture into storage, and use dust covers.

Tip #11. To help prevent rust form forming on metal items, wipe all surfaces clean with a rag containing a few drops of machine oil.

Tip #12. Use a wardrobe box to hang blankets, draperies and dress clothes for easier storage.

Tip #13. Use a disc lock to secure your storage unit. Don’t settle for the simple padlock.

Tip #14. Always use temperature control storage for humidity sensitive items like electronics and antiques.

Tip #15.  Whenever possible, place dressers and tables top-to-top to save space. Be sure to place blankets or paper pads between them to protect the surfaces of both.