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Why Do Businesses Need Self Storage?

Self storage is a great idea for businesses of any kind. Whether you are looking for additional storage because your business is expanding too rapidly, or you just want to cut back on normal office or warehouse lease commitments to save money, using self storage instead is useful and reasonable.

Let’s go over some of the benefits of using self storage for your business:

Free Up Floor and Office Space.

Real Estate is at a premium and not everyone can afford bigger office space. Your business will grow and expand. Oftentimes warehouse space is rather expensive and can be hard to find close enough to your current office to make sense. You know those bulky filing cabinets full of paperwork and files. You can get rid of those very large and ugly cabinets taking up floor space in your office and move them to storage. By using a self storage unit, not only do you remove the eyesore, you gain valuable space for new employees and needed equipment.

Security for Important Documentation.

You can choose a self storage facility close to your office and have sensitive documents close by but not in the way. You can use locked cabinets inside your storage unit, and only provide access to a certain personnel who need to review those documents for any reason. If you need to give employees access to your company storage unit, be sure to notify the property manager with each employee’s name and a copy of their driver’s license. You can then leave the key with the property manager that each employee can “sign in” and “sign out” during regular business hours. Or keep the key in the office so they can come to the property even when the office is closed. However, you still need to notify the property manager which employees can access the storage unit, only because your name is on the rental agreement.

Old Files Storage for Taxes.

All businesses need to keep certain paperwork for many years in case of an audit by the IRS. Most businesses keep their other files on hand forever. Using a self storage unit is a great way you ensure you will not lose that important documentation, and that it will not be in your way and taking up space at the office.

Excess Inventory Storage.

Many businesses have an overflow of inventory inside their self storage unit. Simply keep on hand only the minimum quantity needed of what you must have available in the office. The rest can go into storage. If you use metal shelving along the walls, the back and down the center of your storage unit, you can keep everything organized and track you inventory easily and get in and out of your valuable office space.

Event Storage.

Most businesses often hold large events, like company picnics, open houses and facility or factory tours. Keeping all the supplies for those events in your storage unit is the smart choice. Store everything from extra tables, chairs, trash cans, yard games, decorations, free giveaway items and more. When you know you have a big event coming up just visit your storage unit to make sure you have everything you need for it. Then as the event approaches, you can bring back all the items you need for it. When the event wraps up you can just take it all back to the storage unit.

Business Expansion and Renovation.

Your business keeps growing, which is great! Now it’s time to expand and renovate. That usually means tearing out walls, or building new ones inside your office space to make room for new employees or even entire departments. Get everything out of the way by putting it into you self storage unit. You can store any new furniture, equipment and building materials in your storage unit while construction is going on. You can even move non-essential items out of the way from your office until the renovation is completed. It will be much easier for the workers to keep the renovation moving and on schedule, and gives you the chance to keep everything organized and out of the way until it is needed.

Your Business Is Moving.

Your business might be moving or growing from your current office space. Place any items from your office that you don’t need, and items that you have purchased for the new space, into your self storage unit while you are sorting and organizing for the big move. Too many times businesses try to move without organizing or do it all in one day which will definitely cause chaos and stress for you and to your team. Rather than creating a monster of a mess, plan ahead and use your storage unit to your advantage. By doing so, you can start setting up a new office space while you are still operating out of the old one. Then when moving day does come you will only have to move the essentials which will keep your down time to a minimum and business still up and running.

To recap, using your self storage unit for business is a great and affordable option. There are many ways businesses can use storage that your business can benefit from. However, please keep in mind that there are some restrictions on what can be placed into a self-storage unit. You should check with the property manager at the storage company you have selected to see what is permitted and what is not permitted on site. If you have more questions, please contact us or reach out to any of our knowledgeable property managers. And, if you are ready to use storage for your business, you can rent a storage unit online now and get organized!