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Check Out Our Free Moving Truck and Affordable Truck Rentals

Free Moving Truck Rental
We all know that moving is stressful. But, what if you could get a Free Moving Truck? Wouldn’t that alleviate some of the stress during the move? Of course it would! Great news, we have a free moving truck for you to use. Here are the details:

You can use our moving truck for free when you move into your storage unit.

Once you sign the rental agreement, you can reserve a time slot from 9:30am-4pm or 4:30pm-10pm Monday through Friday and there is no charge for the rental. We schedule as first come first served, so be sure to secure your reservation quickly – it goes fast in the Spring and Summer!

You now know that the rental fee is waived for move in, which is great. But, you also get the first 25 miles for free, too! And, if you go over 25 miles, it is just $0.99 per mile. You will be responsible for the $15 Collision Insurance Waiver when you sign the moving truck paperwork, because that is a regulation we have. But, that is all! The truck itself has no rental fee. Pretty awesome, right? We think so!

Couple Using Free Moving Truck RentalWhen you stop at the rental office to pick up the moving truck, you will need to bring a valid Photo ID, your Driver’s License and Proof of Valid Insurance. If you plan to bring someone else with you to drive the moving truck (let’s face it, not all of us can drive those things), that is no problem at all. We just need the proper ID, license and insurance for whomever will be driving the truck, and they need to be present to sign the paperwork in person with the property manager.

In addition to offering our moving truck for free to new tenants to move into their storage unit, we also offer it as an affordable truck rental option at just $45! That allows you to use our moving truck to move out, move into a new house, move your business from one office to another or any other reason you need a moving truck to move your stuff around. You need the same documents and to sign the paper work, and the reservation system is the same – first come first served. The only other fees are the $15 Collision Insurance Waiver and a $0.99 per mile fee for any miles you use. When you rent our moving truck, you can choose from Monday through Saturday, that’s right, Saturday is open!

Here are some items you need to know when using our free moving truck or our affordable moving truck rental:

  • The moving truck must be returned with a full tank of gas, and the receipt showing that you in fact filled it up when you were done using it. The tank is full when you pick it up, and it should be full when you drop it off for the next person.
  • There is a $10.00 per gallon fee if we need to fill the tank.
  • The driver of the moving truck must be 21 years of age or older.
  • The driver of the truck must have a Photo ID, a valid Driver’s License and Proof of Valid Insurance.
  • There is a $100.00 late charge if the moving truck is not returned on time.
  • Our moving trucks can only be used for local moves – you are not permitted to take it out of state or across the state. See the property manager for details if you have questions about the distance you need to travel.
  • All personal items and trash must be removed from the moving truck prior to returning it to our store.


We are here to help make your move easier and less stressful. Because come on, there is no way you can remove all the stress from this big life event! But, offering our moving truck for free and at affordable rental rates is one way we can help you out and bring the stress level down a bit. If you are ready to reserve our free moving truck and affordable rental truck, simply fill out our moving truck form or contact us for more information. Our friendly and knowledgeable property manager will be happy to get you on the schedule and set up your reservation today. Happy Moving!