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Featured Business: AJF Racing – Sometimes it’s Good to Be an Underdog

AJF Racecar

Thank you to AJF Racing for submitting this blog for our website! AJF Racing has been a customer and business partner of 140 Mini Storage for years. We truly value our partnership and wish the AJF Racing Team the best of luck at every race!

There’s an old saying, “If you can’t run with the big dogs, stay on the porch.” While this saying can hold a valuable lesson, it also raises an interesting question. How do you know if you don’t try? In auto racing there is a long-established list of the battle between the haves and the have nots. This is even more the case in local short track auto racing. By comparison, at AJF Racing we have always been on the lower portion of the haves list, nowhere near the “big dogs.” That hasn’t stopped us and many other underdog teams from trying as often as we can to not only run with those big dogs, but outrun them.

On any given race weekend there are upwards of 30 teams competing in limited classes at the mid-Atlantic speedways. The Limited divisions have become sort of melting pots of race teams who once raced in upper divisions. But due to extreme cost, these teams dropped down to limited, mixed with teams moving up from lower divisions looking for a higher level of competition or the desire to race a car purpose built instead of a converted street car. While this makes sense for both reasons, it fuels the separation of the haves and have nots. In many cases, there are teams who have budgets two or three times that of a small underdog team.

This is what makes having success and being in contention for that underdog at any given race, all that much sweeter. We always know the odds are against us, but we also know hard work, dedication and effort are usually rewarded. We know that while pulling into victory lane is a challenging and elusive goal, it is still possible and sometimes just outrunning a “big dog” to a fifth or tenth place finish is a big deal. While you may not have the headline in the press releases, you know your team did more with less and after all, that is a victory in itself.

In 2018, AJF Racing Limited Late Model Team got a late start on the season due to projects, work and family obligations. However, due to an extremely cold and wet spring, racing in the mid-Atlantic has been tough with many speedways having more rain related cancellations than ever before. This year AJF’s number 50 car is the newest, most up-to-date racecar we have ever had a chance to put on track. Look for us to compete as much as we can at area dirt tracks. Come root us on as we try to send some of the “Big Dogs” to the porch!

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