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Featured Business: A-Team Movers, Follow Up

A Team Movers
Last year, we were pleased to introduce you to one of our Business Partners, A-Team Movers. This year, we wanted to simply give a brief refresher, and have a little fun with some of our favorite people!

You can’t go wrong with a company whose voicemail promises to make your move a “successful one from start to finish”!

Ed Redmond, Jr., President of A-Team Movers and son Rick, Vice President, will stop at nothing to earn your business. Based right here in Finksburg, A-Team Movers leads with an impressive resume and over 40 years in the moving industry. The company has grown to 15 employees and 5 trucks, and most of their team members have 10-15 years of moving experience.

A-Team Movers offers free estimates for your local or long distance move. When asked where they are allowed to move to or from, Mr. Redmond replies, “Anywhere east of the Mississippi!” Specifically, they are licensed in 29 states. If you are moving to or from one of the states where they are not licensed yet, they will secure permits so they can gain you as a new customer. Talk about putting the customer first!

Mover with TruckThe standard moving crew consists of three men and a truck. You can hire them for itemized, flat or hourly rates. They offer moving services for apartments, houses, offices and warehouses. They also provide pre-wrap, packing and crating and will even move your fine antiques! A-Team can also handle same-day moves and emergency moves when necessary. No job is too big or too small for A-Team Movers.

“Best moving experience I ever had…showed up on time, the man was very professional and did everything I asked to be done differently. Would use again!” – Jimmy F.

But Ed doesn’t stop there. If you are moving out of your apartment and don’t want to do the required cleaning to get your security deposit back, they can recommend a cleaning service to help you out. You can also hire A-Team to pick up all the unwanted items from your Spring Cleaning Weekend (at home or at your storage unit) and they will take them to the dump or see that they make it to a worthy charity. Two of his favorites continue to be The House of Ruth and American Veterans.

Now for a Little Fun with A-Team Movers! We asked Ed and Rick some “this or that” questions to see if the whole “like father like son” adage holds true:

Coffee or Tea?   Ed says Coffee, Rick says Tea

Hamburger or Cheeseburger?   Both say Cheeseburger

Chocolate or Vanilla?   Ed says Vanilla, Rick says Chocolate

Ocean or Lake?   Both say Lake

Summer or Winter?   Both say Summer

Fiction or Non-Fiction?   Both say Non-Fiction

Books or e-Reader?   Both say Books

Dogs or Cats?   Both say Dogs

Football or Baseball?   Both say Football

iPhone or Android?   Ed says iPhone, Rick says Android

Well, they sure do like a lot of the same things! So I guess that old adage is mostly true for them.

When asked about 140 Mini Storage, Ed had this to say, “Miss Kelly is the greatest! You guys are very lucky to have her. She is very pleasant and customer-oriented. Thanks!”

A-Team Movers offers discounts to Senior Citizens and Veterans. Because of our great partnership, A-Team Movers offers a 10% discount to our readers who mention they saw this blog or say that 140 Mini Storage sent you! So, be sure to give A-Team a call at 443-244-0045 or contact them via their website and tell them you read about them on the 140 Mini Storage blog to receive your free estimate and a 10% discount on all services!

If you are ready to start moving or cleaning out and you need a storage unit, you can reserve or rent a storage unit online 24/7 or contact us for more information!