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How To Organize Business Inventory With Self Storage

Using Storage for Business Inventory
Just about every business out there can benefit from self storage to help organize business inventory and excess items. It doesn’t make any difference if your business is large or small or privately owned or publicly traded. A great way to use self storage is to house old archived documents, office supplies like furniture and paper, excess and seasonal inventory, office decorations and more.

Employees Working in Office SpaceYou know that your office space is considered prime real estate, so don’t waste it with excess! You want to utilize it for important things like your employees, necessary office equipment and other essentials that are needed to keep your business running daily. That other stuff that just fills closets and corners but you really don’t need should not be kept in the office. Not only is it an eye sore, but it is taking up space that you can use for something else that is necessary. Take a few minutes and think about all the stuff in your office that you don’t use often, and make a list. If you don’t use the items every day or every week, they can most likely be moved into a storage unit and kept off site. By moving these things out of your office, you are clearing away clutter and maximizing your office space for only the important things.

Once you determine what you need to keep in the office and what can be moved into storage, the next step is to decide what size and type of storage unit you need to house it. Most storage facilities offer sizes from 5×5 through 10×20 and even larger. There are also options available such as drive-up access, interior access and temperature control storage units. 140 Mini Storage has all drive-up storage units. Make sure you pick a storage unit that is large enough to fit everything and still allow for growth as well as room to walk inside and access all of it. The type of unit you pick really depends on what is being stored. If you just have old paper files but you need to get to them monthly or quarterly, you can choose drive-up or interior access. But, if you have office furniture and equipment that could be damaged by excessive temperature shifts, opt for the temperature control to prevent damage to those items. If you are unsure what you need, you can talk with our friendly and knowledgeable property manager for guidance.

After you have decided on the perfect size and type of storage unit, we have some tips you can follow to make accessing your storage unit and the items inside quick and easy:

  • Stacked Moving BoxesBe sure to place the large and bulky items at the back of the storage unit, or along one side wall.
  • Make sure all of your boxes and totes are clearly labeled with what is kept inside. That means names of the items, a date if they are important documents, and even what department or company they belong with if you have multiple ones to consider. If you need more boxes, you can find high-quality boxes designed specifically for long periods of time in storage in our retail shop, which is located inside our rental office.
  • Stack the boxes and totes neatly and keep the larger ones on the bottom and smaller ones on top. Don’t stack too high. Be sure you can reach them and get them down easily without toppling the stack.
  • Items that you need to get to more frequently should be kept near the door and on top. Items that you will not need access to very often or at all can go in the back and under other items.
  • Keep a record of everything you place inside your storage unit. You can make a graph that shows what is where, and list out box numbers for important items (be sure to number the boxes if you do this). Then, make copies of this document! Keep one taped inside the unit near the door, keep one in your vehicle, keep one at your desk at the office and it is even a good idea to give a copy to your receptionist or assistant for safe keeping. And, when you make changes inside the storage unit, be sure to update this document so it is accurate at all times.

What about company vehicles? Many business have additional vehicles or even a fleet of vehicles that really don’t fit on the property or you just don’t like how they look parked all over the place. We can help you with that also! We offer outdoor parking spaces and even over-sized drive-up storage units that are perfect for vehicle storage – trucks, trailers, vans, RVs, boats – you name it!

Knowing what to do with your business inventory is a common issue for many business owners. Using self storage as a solution is a great idea and affordable, especially when compared to large warehouse space. If you are ready to secure your storage unit and get your business organized, you can reserve or rent a storage unit online now. If you have more questions and want to talk to someone first, you can contact us at any time or reach out to our property manager to get started.