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Partnering with 140 Mini Storage for Fundraisers and Events

Fundraising & Events wtih 140 Mini Storage
Have you thought about partnering with 140 Mini Storage for your next fundraiser or event?

If you have never considered it before, maybe now is the time to explore the possibility.

As a locally owned business, we strive to make a difference in the communities we serve. Our employees live in these same communities and we care about supporting our local businesses and non-profits in every way we can. Becoming involved with local fundraisers, charities and businesses is one way we can show our support and connect with members of our communities to make a difference.

We are eager to strengthen our presence in the community, and coming together for events is one way we can work together to make a difference. We will gladly attend fundraising events, explore sponsorship opportunities (we currently sponsor AJF Racing), help charitable organizations with food and clothing drives at our facility, and can even host or co-host events at our facility as well.

Just like you, we want to see our local community succeed! From a school fundraiser to a food drive to a community celebration or a business event; partner with us today to achieve more success. We provide free advertising on our website and social media pages, and even write a blog about the event that you can post as well.

If you are looking for a great partnership at your next event or fundraiser, or just want to get more information on how we can work together, please contact our Director of Marketing, Jess Dubbs, at jdubbs@irellc.com or fill out the brief inquiry form on our contact us page. We wish you good luck and great success!