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Pest Prevention & Control

Pest Control & Prevention
We pride ourselves in maintaining a high standard of excellence at our storage property, in all aspects of our business including the sometimes problematic ones like pest control and prevention. You can tell by visiting our property that we keep everything clean, tidy and visually appealing at all times. When a tenant vacates a storage unit, the floor and walls are swept and wiped down before it is made available for a new customer. We also place fresh bait packs in each unit and a welcome card that is dated when the unit was cleaned and inspected. By doing this, both you, the customer, and the property manager can quickly tell how recently the unit was cleaned. If a unit remains empty for an extended amount of time, it will be cleaned again by the property manager on a rotating schedule so we can keep our standard of cleanliness at all times.

These steps are taken as a source of pride for our company, but more importantly for our customers to feel welcome and to know their belongings will be kept safe when storing with us. This high level of cleanliness is a great deterrent for those pesky critters; the local wildlife that can occasionally be labeled as pests. The less dirt and garbage on the property and inside the storage units means it is much less likely for those four (or six or eight) legged troublemakers to become a nuisance on the property. Not only do we take all these steps to ensure cleanliness and prevent pests, we also contract with a professional pest control service to make regularly scheduled visits for preventive care and maintenance to keep it that way.

Peppermint OilsAlthough we do all these great things to keep those critters away, there are also steps you can take to add another layer of protection and prevention – because you can never be too careful:

    • Essential oils are a great item to keep on hand, and even keep in your storage unit. Spritzing peppermint oil in the corners or adding a few drops to cotton balls to stick in each corner and the door works great! It may be a pleasant smell for us, but it is widely disliked by many species. Your unit will smell great for you but deter those pests.


    • To prevent any pests from “getting used to” one small, you can switch them up with the seasons and remain festive at the same time! Using cinnamon oil or tea tree (also known as melaleuca) during the winter months is a great holiday scent for you, and still very unpleasant for pests. Then switch to orange oils once the holidays are over, again it still smells nice for you and deters pests quite well.


    • If you notice a possible issue on the property or with another customer that is of concern to you, simply notify the property manager so it can be handled.


Perishable-Foods-ProhibittedWhen you first sign a rental agreement with us and move in, we review the items that are prohibited and what is permitted to be stored in your unit or on the property. We have these regulations in place to keep our customers and our property safe and clean. The biggest thing that can cause pest issues is having food on the property. We specifically state in our regulations that tenants are NOT permitted to store perishable or food items in their storage units at any time. If a furry creature happens to be passing through the neighborhood and you left grocery items in your unit, they WILL smell it and WILL find it. And they will likely keep coming back to check for more. Where these pesky animals go, mess and destruction is sure to follow. If you comply with our rental agreement terms, you are much less likely to have any issues with pests.

If you have any questions about pest control, you can ask our knowledgeable property manager or contact us for more information. And, if you are ready to secure your storage unit, you can rent one online now.