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Reclaim Your Closet – Using Self Storage!

Woman on Floor of Messy Closet
It’s time to reclaim your closet using self storage! Whether Spring has sprung or Fall is approaching, most of us switch out our wardrobe to accommodate changing temperatures and fashionable trends. Avoid piling boxes and totes in your closet or hiding them under the bed. Utilize a self storage unit and reclaim it! Keep your closet clean and organized and your clothes will no longer be wrinkled or damaged. A self storage unit is easily accessible and gives you the extra closet space you desperately need.

Picture this:

The sun is shining, the sky is blue and you are ready for shorts and flip flops! Where did you stash them? Are they under the bed? On the top shelf in the closet? Under the heavy winter boots? You’ll have to empty your closet or crawl under the bed to find them.

Instead of dealing with that mess, head on over to your self storage unit and get what you need quickly. When you’re ready, pack up the winter clothes and do a full swap for your summer wardrobe. It’s convenient and secure, and it works in all seasons. Your closet will be clean and accessible and the non-seasonal clothes will be organized, safe and secure. Doesn’t that sound nice?

organized closet

If you live in an apartment or condo, or just don’t feel like sacrificing all your closet space for the clothes you aren’t going to wear again for five or six months, then take advantage of a self storage unit. We recommend a 5×5 or a 5×10 for all your boxes and storage totes. You will basically gain a nice big closet to keep all your extra clothes in when you don’t need them. Get rid of that overwhelming feeling you get when you open a packed, messy closest.

Clothes that require dry cleaning or are made of expensive fabrics ought to be kept more carefully. You can use boxes or storage totes, or you can even bring in one or two clothing racks to hang your clothes up. It is highly recommended to keep your clothes in plastic or cloth bags in order to keep any dust or dirt off them. Or you can purchase wardrobe boxes from our retail store inside the rental office. They come with a hanging bar and can be closed after you fill them, which keeps your clothes neat, wrinkle free and prevents the build up of dust and dirt. Plus, they are heavy duty and specially treated for long periods of time in storage, so they won’t break down and they will help protect your clothes from moisture.

If you are ready to start getting your closet whipped back into shape, you can reserve or rent a storage unit online 24/7! Talk to our friendly property manager to find out what size storage unit will best suit your wardrobe needs. We are ready to help you reclaim your closet!