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Why We Ask for Certain Personal Information and How to Update It

If you have rented a self storage unit, you may have wondered why the property manager asked for certain bits of information. There are different reasons we ask for different things as part of the move in process. So, let’s review. Your name and address. This one is kind of obvious. But should we need…

Storing you Vehicle

What You Should Consider When Storing a Vehicle

The weather is changing from warm to cold. You need to find somewhere safe to store you convertible or that new motorcycle you just bought and let’s face it they are not practical to drive in the winter months. So here are some tips on what you should consider when choosing a place to store…

Locks on Storage units

Let’s Talk About Locks

Choosing a lock for your self storage unit should not be taken lightly. You think that your property is safe because there is a fence around the property and the property has cameras. Those are security features that the storage company provides and they are a great deterrent for most negative activity. However, you can…

Crowd Tailgating

From Tailgating to Self Storage

Who doesn’t love tailgating? Most of us know someone (or several) who goes all out at every game. They have all the equipment and supplies to feed a small town. They might even have a large enough space to store it all, if they’re lucky. Although, if they are like most people, there is just…

Road Flooded

Disaster Response for Your Storage Unit

Mother Nature can be beautiful, and generous. Steady spring rains can yield bountiful crops, warmth from the sun can thaw the last icicles from winter, and flowers can bloom to continue the rebirth of spring. Mother Nature can be great, but she can also be terribly cruel. Lightning and high winds can bring down even…

Packing Boxes

We’ve Got More than Just Boxes

When you think of moving and storage, the first thing that may come to mind is, “I’m going to need boxes.  Lots of boxes!” No need to go running around to local grocery stores collecting those used free ones or calling around asking every other store if they can save boxes for you. We have…

A Team Movers

Featured Business: A-Team Movers

This is our third year partnering with A-Team Movers and there have been a few big changes. It is with an incredibly heavy heart that we share the news of Mr. Ed Redmond, Jr.’s passing in February. His deep gravelly voice may have been a bit intimidating, but he was such a kind man always…

Stacked Boxes

Storage Unit Tetris – Making Your Stuff Fit

Having trouble making everything fit inside your self storage unit? Or maybe you have no idea where to store your things or what size you might need. No worries; we have you covered! Rather than trying to figure it out on a piece of paper like a game of Tetris, or simply guessing and taking…

How to Choose a Moving Company

Moving is a hassle and finding a moving company is not so great either. If you are buying a house the moving date might continue to get pushed back which might force you to do the same with any plans you might have. Such as finding a moving company that can suit your needs. Very…


How to Store Clothes for Future Use

Storing clothes, the wrong way can lead to damage and hassles down the road. However, by cleaning, packing and storing your clothes properly, you will extend the life of your closet. The better you treat your clothing now, the longer you will have it and get to enjoy it. If you think it’s worth keeping…

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