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Storing You’re Extra Stuff During A Move

Moving into a nicer house or apartment is very exciting! Although with all the planning, there also comes some stress. When it comes to deciding where to put all of the things that matter most to you during your move, a storage unit is a great idea for the smaller or even larger moves. Using a storage unit will allow you the time and space to organize.

Storing those belongings can help reduce some of the stress due to moving. If you don’t need or want them in your house right away in your new home, then those are the items you should put into your storage unit later. Doing so gives you time to think about each one and take time over a few weeks or months, or even years, to go through them and mark them trash, donation or heirlooms for your kids. Knowing those items are safe and out of the way and in a secure place will ease your mind.

Once you have decided what you want to place in a storage unit, you need to figure out what size storage unit you need. Most storage facilities offer units from 5×5 up to 10×30 and even larger in some cases. Secondly, determine if your items will need to be in a drive-up access storage unit, if you have things like plastic toys, mattresses, extra clothing and regular furniture. If you have no idea what you need and want help determining the size or type of storage to choose, don’t fuss! We are here for you. Simply ask our knowledgeable property manager and they will gladly help you figure that out based on what you need to store.

Once you secure your storage unit and you are ready to get everything in there, be sure to label all your boxes clearly. We recommend labeling at least the top and two sides of each box so you can easily access something later if needed. You should also keep a list and diagram of what you have and where it is located inside the storage unit. Even though you know exactly what you are putting in your storage unit now, does not mean that in six months you will remember any of that! Moving is stressful, and you are bound to forget some of it. Keeping that list taped inside the storage unit door and also in your car or home is a smart thing to do for future reference.

If you are getting ready to move and need that storage space to throw out those extra items, you can rent a storage unit online now and get started. You can also contact us for more information.