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How a Temperature Controlled Unit Can Benefit You

Inside Self Storage Units

Moving or just running out of space for your things? A self storage unit can come in handy during a move, for more things or allow extra space for a growing family. Packing everything and moving it into a storage unit can be stressful but we are here to make it easy!

Here are some things to consider when storing your valuables. What will you be storing? How long will you be storing it? Will your items be able to with stand extreme heat or frigid winter temperatures? If not, maybe you should consider temperature controlled units.

Temperature controlled units are typically located inside buildings that are monitored to stay between 50 to 80 degrees at all time, ensuring your valuables stay at a moderate temperature through the year. Some drive-ups are also temperature controlled. What needs to be in a temperature-controlled unit? Let’s talk about it.extreme temperature

If you are looking to store for six months or longer, temperature-controlled units are definitely something to consider. With fluctuating temperatures outside, you want to make sure your items don’t get damaged during the change of the seasons. The extreme heat and humidity of summer can warp or crack sensitive wooden furniture, damage electronic components and break down some fabrics over time. The bitter cold temps and extremely dry air during winter can also do some damage. You wouldn’t put your stereo in the freezer for good keeping, would you? Having your belongings endure both extremes isn’t the best idea if they can potentially be damaged by it. If you live in an area where the temperatures and humidity are fairly constant all year, such as San Diego, you can likely get away with a standard drive-up unit. But in the Mid-Atlantic Region where our stores are located, the weather, temperatures and humidity fluctuate all year long and we have distinct seasons.

That being said even, if you are storing for a shorter period of time, knowing what you are putting inside your storage unit is a big factor. Items such as books, pictures, photo albums, electronics and even leather could be damaged if not stored properly, regardless of how short a period of time goes by. We recommend these items be stored inside a temperature-controlled storage unit. However, items like bicycles, kayaks, metal and composite furniture, glass items and large appliances are usually fine in a standard drive-up storage unit.

The truth is, temperature controlled units can benefit anyone using self-storage, no matter what you are storing. But it is up to you to determine which storage type you should select. If you are unsure if your belongings should be kept in a temperature controlled or drive-up storage unit, our knowledgeable property manager can help you make the best decision.

When you’re ready to start using self-storage, you can rent a storage unit online 24/7 and get started.

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