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What To Do If You Receive A Storage Lien Notice

storage lien notice feature
If you receive a storage lien notice or certified letter from 140 Mini Storage, you may think, “Oh no, what did I do?” But, don’t panic! You still have time to resolve the issue and get your account back to good standing with some simple steps.

Read The Notice

First of all, 140 Mini Storage never wants to sell your stuff. The first step is to read through the storage lien notice completely and make sure you understand everything that is outlined. If you come across an item that doesn’t make sense to you, please call your property manager to get your questions answered. Even if you do understand, making contact with your property manager and the rental office is a very important thing to do. You never know if the letter was sent to you by mistake, or maybe your credit card expired and you didn’t know. The only way to find out for sure is to call.

Call Your Property Manager

Even if you know your account is in arrears, you should call your property manager to discuss the storage lien notice. And, if you had no idea that your account was in bad standing, you should call. Sometimes we just get caught up in life, and things slip through the cracks. Paying your monthly storage rent is not exception – it can be forgotten just as easily as anything else.

Your property manager will be happy to review your account in detail and let you know what you need to do to bring it current. If you have received a storage lien notice or certified letter from 140 Mini Storage, it’s because your account has become 30 days past due. Keep in mind that you may receive this letter in several ways; via email, verified mail, courier service or USPS certified mail to the last known address on file.

What The Notice Means

past due account from storage lien noticeThe storage lien notice or certified letter notifies the tenant of their account’s past due status, it provides the total balance due to bring the account current and lists the scheduled auction date. You should note that late fees and monthly rent will accrue as the days and weeks pass by, so don’t simply ignore the letter. If you do, those additional fees will continue to add to your account, making your balance larger.

After a storage lien notice or certified letter is sent to you, you have 30 days to respond. Those 30 days are not a grace period, however. Your account is already past due and your storage unit has been over-locked. Your access code to enter the property has also been disabled. In order to have the over-lock removed and your access restored, you must pay the balance in full, including any late fees, and bring your account current.

You should also note that once the storage lien notice has been sent to you, your storage unit is scheduled for a future auction date. That date and time is listed on the notice for your reference. If you do not pay your account balance in full by the date and time listed on the notice, your items will be auctioned. Once that occurs, you forfeit your belongings inside the unit and the remaining balance on your account is sent to collections.

Bringing Your Account Current

pay by phone after storage lien noticeThe sooner your account balance is paid in full, the lower your total amount due will be. Late fees will be added as time passes, so you want to make sure and take care of this as soon as you are able. You also want to avoid your belongings being sent to auction and your account being sent to collections. Once your storage unit goes to auction, there are additional auction fees that are assessed and added to your balance.

It’s very important to take note that a partial payment will not be accepted to prevent the lien process and an auction from taking place when your account is past due. Only payment in full can remedy the situation.

Making a payment to bring your account current is easy and we offer several convenient ways for you to accomplish this task:

•   Visit the rental office during regular business hours and pay your property manager directly.

•   Call the rental office and make your payment over the phone with a credit or debit card. Outside regular business hours, payments can be made with our after hours counselors. Although our call center is open seven days a week, they do not operate 24/7 and they are closed on major holidays. To ensure you can get your property manager or a counselor to take your payment, it is best to call before 11 pm on weekdays and before 8 pm on weekends.

•   You can drop your payment in the drop box after hours using one of our handy payment envelopes as well. But if you choose to do this, it’s best to call the office the next day to ensure the manager received it. Please note: if you drop payment in the drop box after regular office hours, the payment will not be processed until the next business day.

To recap, it’s never good to receive a storage lien notice or a certified letter on your storage unit. But, it’s also not the end of the world either! You can bring your account current and stop your storage unit from receiving late fees and going to auction if you act quickly.

If you have any questions about a storage lien notice, certified letter or the auction process, you can contact us online or call your property manager and he or she will be glad to explain the entire process.