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What to Do on a Snow Day

Snow Covered Cars

We live in a beautiful region of North America where we get a fair taste of most weather patterns; you’ll want your comfortable shirts in spring, swimsuits in summer, sweatshirts in fall, and heavy coats in winter. And winter means snow in our region, and sometimes quite a lot of it. It is almost a guarantee we’ll get snow in the winter, let’s review what you need to know about a Snow Day when using self storage.

Whether you have or have not rented a self storage unit before, you may be wondering what to expect when we have a Snow Day, and also how it pertains to you and your storage unit. Today we will be discussing the three P’s of getting through winter weather.


Self storage is an easy concept; place your belonging into a space that you’ve rented for a short or long period of time. You can store a large variety of belongings, from clothes to furniture or even sport equipment you don’t really need at the moment. However, you won’t want to store birth certificates, social security cards or any other important government documents in a storage unit at the risk that you will need to drive during bad weather to retrieve them. For more tips on what you should or should not place in your storage unit, read our blog, “Storage Tips: Items You Shouldn’t Store In Your Storage Unit”.

You will also want to rotate your seasonal items inside your storage unit to be prepared for surprise weather as well as items like lights and the Christmas tree. This will also limit the struggle of crawling through your unit trying to retrieve shovels and sleds. If you know a storm is coming visit your self storage unit before it arrives. Remember winter coats or heavy clothing as well. Making a list before visiting your unit will help so you don’t forget anything important.


If you hear a winter weather advisory issued by the local government telling everyone to stay off the roads, then by all means please stay off the roads! If the roads are not safe to drive then it will not be safe to visit your self storage unit. Main roads and highways will be plowed before smaller local streets and businesses. If the main roads are still slick, icy or heaping with snow then your local storage company may not be easy to get to if they have been plowed at all. Remember, plowing companies focus on hospitals, schools, gas stations and other important locations first before they start on the small businesses such as restaurants and self storage facilities. We ask that you please be patient, if you feel that you need to remove something from your unit please wait until all roads are cleared and driving restrictions have been lifted. Our company policy is that we will have 48 hours from the time of snowfall ceases before we begin plowing our property. That allows the plows to get those important places done first. If you are unsure if we are open or accessible you can always call our office before you make the journey.


Now the roads are plowed, the weather has cleared, and you would like to stretch your legs. Great! But the show isn’t over yet for most of us yet. 140 Mini Storage is responsible for plowing all common areas of our property, which means the entrance, office parking lot and drive aisles around the buildings. We are not responsible for digging out individual parking spaces or storage unit doors. The plow trucks cannot get that close to the parking spaces without risking hitting the vehicles in those spaces. We certainly don’t want the plow to hit your expensive RV and cause damage, and we are certain you agree. They also cannot get too close to the storage unit doors without damaging them or the buildings with the plow or just from the mass amount of snow being shifted.

Our Property Manager is responsible for making sure the entrances and access doors of all buildings to the inside storage units as well as the keypad areas are cleared or snow and salt has been applied to help prevent ice buildup. For our customers who prefer the luxury of having a temperature control or interior storage unit, this is great for you and you will continue to have easy access to your storage unit once the storm has ended.  But for our customers who prefer the convenience of a drive-up unit, you’ll need to exercise perseverance and extra caution. When you visit your storage unit after the snow has stopped falling, be sure to bring along gloves and a snow shovel so you can clear away any snow that is in front of your unit door. Otherwise you may not be able to open the door.

Luckily, most snow storms in our region are only a few inches and should not pose a problem when clearing it all away. But for those occasional whoppers when we are digging out of feet instead of inches, please be patient when it comes to accessing your storage unit.

If you have any questions about getting prepared or the next snow storm or other inclement weather, please contact us or reach out to our knowledgeable property manager. And, if you are ready to start using self storage to keep all those seasonal items and more, you can rent a storage unit online 24/7.