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Why You Should Be Part of Our Business Referral Program

Business Referrals
Are you looking for new customers? Do you want to get more new business? If you answered “yes”, then our Business to Business Referral Program (B2B) is a great fit for you. Partnering with us provides many benefits, and the best part is that it’s FREE! And, while we do all the work, you can just sit back and relax and earn referral bonuses. Basically, you get cold hard cash for doing nothing. You can’t beat that!

Partnering with 140 Mini is super easy. Just follow these quick steps:

  • We partner with small businesses who serve the community. We believe in supporting the local economy and local business owners, which are the base of our program. Your small business can be one location or multiple locations, as long as you serve our area. We do occasionally work with larger corporations because their employees live and work in the community.
  • Our property manager may stop in to visit you to talk about our B2B Program. If he or she has not stopped in yet, you can give our rental office a call and just say that you are interested in becoming our business or non-profit partner. Our management team and marketing department will ensure that we can forge a successful partnership with your business, and that your business is in good standing in our community.
  • If we agree that a partnership would benefit both of us, we will need just a few items and some information to get everything started:
    • Your business name
    • Your logo in a hi-res file (if you don’t have a logo, we can simply typeset your business name)
    • Your business address, phone number and website address (or company facebook page URL)
    • A few bullets and/or a short paragraph stating what your company offers
    • An offer you want to promote
    • A stack of your business cards

The rest of the work is on us!

Now that we reviewed how easy it is to partner with 140 Mini, let’s go over the benefits you get from our partnership.

RLK Security FlyerFull Color Flyer Design

After we receive all the information from you, our marketing department will professionally design a coupon flyer for your business. The flyer will be a half page (8.5”x5.5”) size and full color. If you want one, the flyer will include a coupon at the bottom with a tracking code so you can quickly tell how many are redeemed from our customers. We will also use a full color stock photo (or you can provide one for us to use) along with the information about your business and services that you offer. Our property manager will either email you a proof, or stop in with a print out for you to double check. Simply look over your info to make sure it’s correct before we start promoting.

Next, we will provide you with our half page coupon flyer. You can display this in your office and/or hand it out to your customers. We also have a unique tracking code on our coupon. This code will tell us how many are redeemed from your customers, and in turn tell us how many referral bonuses to pay you each month! Every time we are handed a coupon with your unique tracking code and that customer signs a rental agreement, you earn $25.00. And, there is no limit to how much you can earn!

Promoting Your Business

In addition to the full color flyer, we gladly promote your business in several additional ways at no cost to you.


We have a large community board displayed in our rental office. This board has individual slots for our partners’ business cards, as well as a “Featured Business” area where we will display your coupon flyer. This board is exclusive to our partners only, and your flyer will be displayed alone for a minimum of two weeks at a time. We rotate your flyer back into that featured spot after we have cycled through all our other business partners. Typically your business will be featured at least twice per year, but likely more often.


Your coupon flyer will be included in our Welcome Kit that we give to all new tenants. We will also verbally refer you if any new or existing tenant asks us for a local company that provides your services, and give them a printed flyer as well.

Business Partner PageWEBSITE PROMOTION.

Your business will also be featured on our website on our Business Partnerships page. We will display your logo and link it to your website or social media page. Your contact info will be listed below your logo as well. If you do not have a website or social media page, we can list your email address.

Not only will you be on our website, we will also feature your business in a blog at least once. Our property manager will research your business and possibly reach out to you for a brief interview. This blog will tell everyone all the services and products you provide. If you would like to provide your own blog, you can certainly submit one to our property manager to use instead. We will proof it and optimize it for the web before we post it.


Every month we send out an eNewsletter to our customer database, which includes current and previous tenants and our business partners. All business partners are featured on a rotating basis, guaranteeing the spotlight location at least once every 12-18 months. Our customer database grows weekly and has open rates that are above industry standards.


Just about everyone uses at one or two forms of social media. 140 Mini is on Facebook, Google+ and Youtube, and we will gladly like your pages and share your posts! Simply let the property manager know which posts you want us to share, and we will jump right on that.


We occasionally participate in community events and promote several charitable drives throughout the year. If you’d like to get involved and help out the community with a donation or sponsorship, we would be happy to list you on all promotional materials related to that event. Any emails, handouts or social media posts will include your business name or logo and recognize you as a sponsor.

And did we mention, we’ll pay you for all this? For every customer you refer who signs a rental agreement, you’ll receive $25.00! There’s no limit to how many referrals you can send us or how much money you can earn. And the catch? All we ask is for you to recommend us to your customers and offer them our marketing materials; a flyer, a business card, a pen. That’s it. Really. Contact us today or give your property manager a call and say you are ready to partner with us!